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Update - In Your Arms Tonight

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 12:53 PM

 photo 2009SwordCare.png

Update - In Your Arms Tonight
Shohei Aiba

:damphyr:  OMG!!! THE GAME IS SO MUCH FUN!!! :faint::love::faint::love::faint::love::faint::love::faint::love: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!  seriously, there was never a game that made me sooo happy :giggle::giggle::giggle: that i could not stop smiling and giggling and laughing!!! :giggle::giggle::giggle:

:damphyr: and so i've finished all available contents for 'In Your Arms Tonight' :love: i'm so broke and i think my number one is going to Shohei Aiba!!!  lol...  don't be deceived by his 'undependable' personality description.  it really is the most misleading thing ever.  i was interested in playing him... that sound so wrong his route after the prologue, but after the seeing the description i didn't feel like playing him at all LOL... but really, i'd be missing out sooo much if i didn't play LOLOLOL... he is the sweetest and cutest guy ever ever ever!! :squeel:  his story made me so so happy... so for all of you who's gonna give this game a try, play Shohei Aiba's route.  i promise you won't be disappointed :love::love::love:

:damphyr: isn't he just sooo cute so precious?!?!?! (ok, you'll have to play his route to understand ^^; ) aww!! i love his blushing face!!! >w<;;;

 photo photo1.png
 photo photo1.png
 photo photo1.png

:damphyr: btw my ranking is: Shohei, Kippei, Koichi, Ginnosuke, Kiyoto, and Genji :heart:  try it out guys! :love:

Otome Game - In Your Arms Tonight

:damphyr: OMG!!!  I LOVE 'IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT' by Voltage!!!  it's an otome game available on iPhone and probably other platforms.  SEARCH FOR IT AND PLAY IT!! IT"S FREAKING GREAT!!! and i'm so obsessed with it!!!  :love::love::love:

 photo photo1.png

:damphyr: i've never played an otome game before, and initially i was rather reluctant in playing.  but thanks to my friend sharehin i tried out 'In Your Arms Tonight'.  the first route i choose was 'Kippei Ebiraha'.  OMG! AM I THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED! :love::love::love:  it is soooo moe beyond believe!!!  Kippei Ebihara is sooooo  super moe!!! :fangirlsqueel: :love::love::love: ^^; i really don't want to say too much to give the story away, but the story gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling and butterflys in my stomach~  it is just sooo moe!!! :love::love::love:  

 photo photo2.png

:damphyr: i thought Kippei Ebihara route must be the best one after playing, and was doubtful any other route can top that.  man, am i wrong about that!  in my opinion, Koichi Natsukawa route is a really really hard story to sell, now you need to play the prologue to understand what i'm saying, but Voltage did it perfectly!!  i'm so impressed with how the story developed and how the ending turned out so incredibly sweet!!! :love::love::love: IT"S A MUST PLAY in my opinion although to choose this route i think i'm a bit masochist LOL...  after playing the second route, i'm sooo impressed and i have decided to buy all of the character routes to play! :love::love::love:  

 photo photo3.png

:damphyr:  now only the prologue of the game is free.  some might find the price a little steep for $3.99 per character route after the prologue, but i'm telling you it's worth every penny! :XD:  and if you think about it, a game like this, i'd say it'd be release on PS2 / PSP if iPhone and such weren't available.  those games are what, $40-$50 each?  there are currently 6 character routes and some epilogy stories.  if you do the math, it's not too bad. :D

:damphyr: the bottom line, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE GAME!!! to girls of course, since it's an otome game lol~  try it out if you have time!! :love::love::love:

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